OOPS – You Cracked Your Screen

It may feel like the end of the world, you accidentally dropped your cell phone while trying to juggle those five heavy grocery store bags because you refused to make two trips. What is Facebook going to do without you? It’s going to be fine, there are solutions for your cracked cell phone screen. Don’t ignore the problem though, using a phone with a cracked screen is not only bad for your phone, but is bad for you as well. The glass can get into your fingers or your face if you keep using it while broken, so put on a plastic screen cover until you can get it fixed.

You can simply find a local store online like www.cellphonerepairmissionviejo.com, call them and ask them how much it is to fix.  If you feel like it is too expensive, you can always fix your own phone.

If you are a little bit handy and can follow a tutorial just fine, than fixing your screen yourself might do the trick. There are a few websites like Youtube  and ifixit that can walk you through the steps to replace your screen yourself, and ifixit even has links as to where to buy the parts and tools needed. These websites are very popular and have the best tutorials around. If you can get the right parts and tools and can figure out what they are talking about in the tutorials this will probably be the cheapest way to fix your phone.

You can take it to the home store where you bought your phone and see how much they will charge to repair it. Chances are this will run you at least $100 if you don’t have any kind of insurance protection on your phone. Radio Shack has a Fix It Here program where they will fix your phone in an hour with pricing ranging from $40-$200 depending on the issue. The Geek Squad Mobile Phone Cracked Screen Replacement program is available through Best Buy and the prices range from $99 to $149. There is a website called iCracked that will match you up with a repair technician in your area. Or you can go to the many kiosks that have popped up in malls to help with this very problem. The prices to fix your screen aren’t cheap, but will cost a lot less than the price of a brand new phone.

If you don’t feel like dealing with repairing your phone you can always sell it. Websites such as Glyde, uSell, and Gazelle will buy your phone, broken screen and all, you might not get a lot of money for it but you can always put it towards the cost of a brand new phone. Many companies are offering plans to pay for a new phone monthly instead of having to buy it outright for gobs of money up front, this is a good solution if you don’t have the money to buy a new phone, but you just have to have a new phone, like now!

Hurry up though, your Facebook friends are waiting.